Business Introduction

Bringing "Smiles" to the World


Japanese Used Cars for the World

Japanese automobiles have showcased the excellence of Japanese industrial products to the world. Highly durable and high-performance Japanese cars have supported global transportation and mobility while also boosting the domestic economy. Our job as a booking agency is to connect customers who want to sell used Japanese cars overseas with shipping companies and to safely and reliably deliver the cars to their destinations. We handle large-scale, high-volume transport as well as small-scale orders with care. Even if you have little experience in exporting overseas, our company's wealth of experience will provide full support, so you can request our services with confidence.


Founded in 1948, with Extensive Experience and Track Record

Over 40 years ago, in the early 1980s, our company started a shipping agency business specializing in used cars. At that time in Japan, used cars were not as highly valued as they are now, and they could be traded at relatively low prices. Our knowledge and experience in maritime transport over the years have been utilized to meet the market's need for exporting high-performance Japanese used cars overseas and providing them with a new opportunity to shine. Currently, the number of used cars departing from Japan to overseas has expanded to an annual scale of 1.2 to 1.3 million units. Our company's track record and network spanning over 40 years are highly valued by the industry.


Speedy Response by Expert Staff

Booking agencies play a role like lubricating oil, collaborating with shipping companies to provide customers with smooth maritime transport. In the past few decades, the used car export industry has changed dramatically, with the use of e-commerce websites becoming more common. Even as the number of vehicles handled has increased significantly, it is our mission to accurately manage vehicle details and scrutinize bills of lading as we have always done. While maintaining the basics of customer service, such as clear communication without using specialized terminology, we are also actively embracing digitalization to improve the efficiency of our operations.