Shipping Process

Selection of Loading Port and Discharge Port
Step 01

Selection of Loading Port and Discharge Port

Please decide on the export destination port after consulting with your overseas customer.

Confirmation of Vessel Schedule and Booking Request
Step 02

Confirmation of Vessel Schedule and Booking Request

Please select a ship that corresponds to the loading port and discharge port from the schedule table published on our website.
Fill in the vehicle details and other required information in the format specified by our company and return it to us.
Please note that there are deadlines for submitting this information, and there may be restrictions on vehicle size and loading capacity depending on the operating ship.

Arranging Export Customs Clearance
Step 03

Arranging Export Customs Clearance

After we confirm your booking request, we will make a reservation for the ship.
Once we have confirmed the space on the ship, we will provide you with a booking number (reservation number).
You will need to apply for export through an export customs clearance agent.

Departure of Vessel
Step 04

Departure of Vessel

Please bring the vehicle to the designated bonded yard before the specified deadline prior to departure.

Step 05

Receipt of Bill of Lading (B/L)

Please consult with your local customer and arrange the method for handling the B/L.
The B/L is a receipt proving that the carrier (shipping company) has received the goods from the consignor (your company) and is a negotiable instrument that gives the rightful holder (consignee/importer) the right to claim the delivery of the goods from the carrier at the destination.