Message from the President

Since our founding in 1948, we have always put our customers first and have been striving to improve the quality of our services in the midst of the changing environment surrounding Japan and international competition.

As a company that exists between people and contributes widely to society, we utilize 100% of our information and action capabilities to assist everyone in their transportation needs.

In Japan, surrounded by the sea, maritime transportation is an essential function. As the distance between countries becomes shorter through networks and the business environment makes us feel no time difference, all tasks related to import and export must be prompt, efficient, and above all, reliable.

Our services comprehensively consult transportation in a business environment where every minute and second count, delivering your precious cargo with absolute trust to the desired location.

Changes in the environment cannot be stopped by anyone. However, please entrust INTEROCEAN SHIPPING CORPORATION to help foresee those changes. We believe that as your partner, we can walk together with a shared mindset and provide cutting-edge services.

President and CEO

Shigetaka Sugai